Primary and Middle Grades Home Tutors in Islamabad


Maria Batool

Primary and Middle Grades Tutor from Islamabad

I am Maria Batool. I have done my DPT last year. I'm a dedicated and passionate individual with a strong background in academics and tutoring. With a proven track record of helping students achieve their goals, I'm confident in my...


Ahmad Zeeshan

Primary and Middle Grades Tutor from Islamabad

I am lawyer by profession. I graduated from LUMS with a very good GPA. I have taken a lot of diverse courses duting my degree at LUMS. I work in Islamabad. I have good research, drafting, and writing skills. I like to read. Throug...


Muhammad Usman

Primary and Middle Grades Tutor from Islamabad

Usman is an accomplished individual with experience working with multinational organizations, national governments, and international corporations. Usman has been acknowledged for qualities like attention to detail, intellectual c...


Muhammad Ali Chaudhry

Primary and Middle Grades Tutor from Islamabad
Lahore University Of Management Sciences

I am studying at LUMS and previously studied pre-engineering subjects. I have a good command on Mathematics and other sciences including English and Urdu. I know the usage of MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Other than this, I h...


Mujahid Hussain

Primary and Middle Grades Tutor from Islamabad
University Of Sargodha

Assalam-oAlaikum. so here's MUJAHID HUSSAIN.I am fresh graduated BS(COMPUTER SCIENCES)hons from university iof sargodha.i was among top 10% of my batch.can cover every type of course relevant to computer field. strongly gripped ...


Syed Muhammad Alezeeizmoini

Primary and Middle Grades Tutor from Islamabad
Institute Of Space Technology

I am a graduate of aerospace engineerig from Institute of Space Technology and currently looking for jobs for teaching and passing on my knowledge to those who need it. I enjoy teaching as a person, as I can easily communicate wit...


All you need to know about Primary Home Tutors in Islamabad:

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque capital, Islamabad, Primary Home Tutors play a pivotal role in crafting the educational narrative for young learners. From Grade 1 to Grade 5, these primary tutors in Islamabad are not merely instructors but mentors, fostering a passion for learning tailored to each student's unique needs. In the embrace of Islamabad's tranquility, Primary Home Tutors contribute significantly to the foundational journey, ensuring that each Grade 1 Tutor, Grade 2 Tutor, Grade 3 Tutor, Grade 4 Tutor, and Grade 5 Tutor becomes an integral part of a student's holistic development.

All you need to know about Secondary Home Tutors in Islamabad:

From the foundational support of Primary Home Tutors, the educational journey in Islamabad gracefully shifts to the secondary phase. Guided by Secondary Home Tutors, spanning from Grade 6 Tutor to Grade 8 Tutor, students step into more advanced subjects. Against the serene backdrop of the Margalla Hills, this transition marks the continuation of academic growth, with mentors preparing students for the intellectual challenges ahead.

Types of Primary Tutors in Islamabad

Let us delve into the types of primary tutors in Islamabad, each offering a distinct approach to fostering academic excellence.

Class 1-5 Primary Home Tutors:

Grade 1 Tutor: In the serene backdrop of Islamabad, Grade 1 Tutors serve as educational architects, introducing young learners to foundational concepts with enthusiasm and care.

Grade 2 Tutor: Progressing to Grade 2, tutors tailor their approach, building upon the basics and fostering a love for learning in these formative years.

Grade 3 Tutor: Grade 3 tutors guiding students in Islamabad ensure a seamless transition, making education an engaging journey of exploration.

Grade 4 Tutor: As students enter Grade 4, tutors play a pivotal role in reinforcing essential skills and preparing them for more advanced studies.

Grade 5 Tutor: The culmination of primary education is marked by Grade 5 Tutors who serve as mentors, empowering students for the challenges of the next academic phase.

Kindergarten Primary Home Tutors:

Nurturing the youngest minds, Kindergarten Home Tutors in Islamabad create a whimsical learning environment where play-based education lays the foundation for future academic success.

Math Specialist Primary Home Tutors:

A Math Specialist Secondary Home Tutor in Islamabad transforms the world of numbers into an exciting adventure for young learners. From basic arithmetic to problem-solving, these tutors ensure a strong mathematical foundation.

Science Primary Home Tutors:

Science comes alive under the guidance of Science Primary Home Tutors in Islamabad. Through interactive experiments and exploration, these tutors instill a love for inquiry and discovery among young minds.

Social Studies Primary Home Tutors:

Social Studies Primary Home Tutors weave captivating narratives of history, geography, and civics, connecting Grade 1 to Grade 5 students with the richness of human civilization.

English Language Primary Home Tutors:

English Language Primary home tutors become linguistic guides, honing language skills for Grade 1 to Grade 5 students in Islamabad. Beyond literacy, these tutors focus on effective communication, preparing students for a future of confident expression.

Types of Secondary Tutors in Islamabad

In Islamabad, secondary home tutors play a crucial role in the academic journey of students in Grades 6 to 8. From mathematics and science to language proficiency, history, ICT, geography, and Urdu literature, secondary home tutors in Islamabad offer tailored guidance. Their commitment creates a supportive learning environment, empowering students to excel in their studies with the assistance of specialized secondary home tutors in Islamabad.

Grade 6-8 Tutors:

Secondary education in Islamabad begins with Grade 6 Tutors, offering foundational support for a smooth transition into more advanced subjects.

As students progress to Grade 7, specialized support becomes paramount, delving deeper into subjects to prepare for the challenges of higher academic levels.

The culmination of secondary education is marked by Grade 8 Tutors who serve as mentors, guiding students towards academic excellence and readiness for the next academic phase.

Math Secondary Home Tutor:

Grade 6 Math Tutor: Introducing foundational concepts, making math an exciting journey of discovery.

Grade 7 Math Tutor: Catering to unique needs, ensuring a seamless transition, and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject.

Grade 8 Math Tutor: Reinforcing fundamental concepts and preparing for the complexities of higher-level math.

Science Secondary Home Tutor:

Grade 6 Science Tutor: Making science come alive with engaging experiments and hands-on activities.

Grade 7 Science Tutor: Delving into more intricate scientific principles, fostering a deeper appreciation for scientific inquiry and discovery.

Grade 8 Science Tutor: Guiding through advanced scientific concepts, preparing for the challenges of higher education.

English Language Secondary Home Tutor:

Grade 6 English Language Tutor: Focusing on foundational literacy and effective communication, including spoken English.

Grade 7 English Language Tutor: Refining language skills for both written and spoken communication.

Grade 8 English Language Tutor: Enhancing written and spoken skills, empowering students for confident expression in English.

History Secondary Home Tutor:

Grade 6 History Tutor: Connecting students with the richness of the past through compelling narratives.

Grade 7 History Tutor: Delving into more detailed historical events, fostering a deep appreciation for the complexities of history.

Grade 8 History Tutor: Guiding through advanced historical analysis, preparing for a nuanced understanding of the world.

ICT Secondary Home Tutor:

Grade 6 ICT Tutor: Introducing basic computer literacy for the digital age.

Grade 7 ICT Tutor: Delving into more advanced topics, equipping students with skills for effective navigation in the digital landscape.

Grade 8 ICT Tutor: Guiding through intricate aspects of information and communication technology, preparing for a tech-savvy future.

Geography Secondary Home Tutor:

Grade 6 Geography Tutor: Making learning about diverse landscapes and cultures engaging.

Grade 7 Geography Tutor: Delving deeper into geographical wonders, fostering global awareness and understanding.

Grade 8 Geography Tutor: Guiding through advanced geographical concepts, preparing for a nuanced understanding of the world.

Urdu Language Secondary Home Tutor:

Grade 6 Urdu Language Tutor: Celebrating the richness of Urdu language and literature.

Grade 7 Urdu Language Tutor: Refining language skills, ensuring proficiency in both written and spoken Urdu.

Grade 8 Urdu Language Tutor: Guiding through advanced linguistic concepts and fostering cultural appreciation.

Exam Preparation Secondary Home Tutor:

Grade 6 Exam Preparation Tutor: Equipping students with skills and strategies for success in academic assessments.

Grade 7 Exam Preparation Tutor: Focusing on more advanced preparation strategies for higher-level assessments.

Grade 8 Exam Preparation Tutor: Ensuring preparedness for current assessments and equipping with skills for future academic success.

How much does a home tutor in Islamabad charge?

The fee of a primary home tutor and secondary home tutor in Islamabad typically ranges from 15,000 to 35,000, although it can vary based on various factors.

Primary home tutors and secondary-level home tutors in Islamabad offer a wide range of pricing options, with rates varying depending on several key factors. These include the home tutor's educational background, teaching experience, and subject expertise. Moreover, the frequency and duration of home tutoring sessions play a significant role in determining costs, as longer or more frequent sessions might lead to reduced hourly rates.

Additionally, travel costs can influence pricing because a home tutor needs to commute to the student's location. Therefore, the fee needs to include overhead and travel expenses. Understanding these pricing variables can help you find the ideal primary home tutor and secondary-level home tutor required in Islamabad to match your educational needs and budget.

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ForiEDU is your gateway to excellence in education. You can find expert home tutors covering primary and secondary subjects. Finding a primary and secondary level home tutor in Karachi on Foriedu is a straightforward process:

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